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The purpose of this package is to be able to save and load only the chosen variables/columns of a data.frame in special binary files (tar archives) – which seems to be a lot faster method than loading the whole binary object (Rdata files) via load() function, or than loading columns from SQLite/MySQL databases via SQL commands.

The performance improvement gained by loading only the chosen variables in binary format can be useful in some special cases, but be sure you really need this, as non-standard file formats are used!

See this topic for details, why this package was made up for.

See the manual and others on CRAN and the sources on github. Please report bugs or feature requests!

You can find some speed comparison of loading data (via read.spss, read.csv, load and sqldf) in the semi-finished vignette. See an image from the benchmarks:

Click on the image for bigger size!

As it can be seen, the package can complete the task a lot faster than any other data-loading mechanism in R I know. Of course no performance gain is possible in most circumstances (e.g. loading all variables from a data frame) and this package should be used in only special environments.

There are 3 Comments to "Saves"

  • Daróczi Gergely says:

    New version: 0.4 on CRAN now

  • Samir KC says:

    HI there, I am trying to use saves with ultra.fast = TRUE inside a function to save many files, I need to save(s) each file with a unique name. It seems the file=filenameXX cannot be used here. Any suggestions?

    • Daróczi Gergely says:

      Sorry for the late reply: yeah, “file” argument is omitted if you activate the “ultra.fast” option. If you really need that, I can add that feature in the next few days, just let me know.

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